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The 10 Most Famous Chrome Hearts Rings

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For more than thirty years, Chrome Hearts jewelry has become a die-hard staple for musicians on and off the main stage. Heavyweights in the music industry such as Carlos Santana and Jay-Z have been known to buy Chrome Hearts jewelry and rock them as part of their edgy aesthetic. The late and legendary Creative Director of Chanel—Karl Lagerfeld—also regularly incorporated Chrome Hearts into his fashionably rebellious signature style.

When it comes to jewelry, Chrome Hearts has carved out a special niche in particular for its solid, sterling-silver, signature rings. Designed to be chunky, punky, and gothic by nature, the rings have become cult classics and a bonafide category in their own right. They’re also a salute to the essence and core of the brand identity.

We rounded up 10 of the most famous of the Chrome Hearts rings that are revered for claiming a class unto their own. All of these stunners are available at Chrome Hearts stores across the world but you can also buy Chrome Hearts online.

Forever Spacer Ring

Perhaps the most brand-identifiable of the Chrome Hearts collection of rings is the Forever Space Ring. This high fashion piece of hardware is akin to the rock and roll alternative to the Cartier’s Love Bracelet. Typically purchased in pairs as a promise of love and commitment between two souls, the ring is engraved with the word forever to keep the love burning between the twin flames.

Fuck You Spacer Ring

This edgy but exquisite handcrafted ring was designed for the rock n’ roll-loving rebel who is adamant about singing to their own tune and living life on their own terms. This stunning piece of hardware has roots that date back to the golden era of rock icon Mick Jagger.

The Fuck You Spacer ring is celebrated for saying no no to the status quo and it makes its home at the precipice of pop culture.

Keeper Ring

The Keeper Ring is an uncomplicated keeper for its unique cross between rough and tough rock n’ roll edge coupled with serene yet spiritual sensuality. The tone of this ring is a charismatic tone of grit and grace. This sterling silver ring has a powerful presence and makes for the most mesmerizing of statement pieces. If you want to make a strong impression with your hardware, the Keeper Ring is king.

Cemetery Ring

The Cemetary Ring is cemented in rock circles for its steely, sturdy, and striking presence: so much so that it gives off aristocratic gothic vibes. This medieval motif ring is also revered for its versatility: pair it with a darkly sophisticated suit or leather jacket. Either way, this baby demands that you keep it classy.

Floral Cross Ring

This universally unisex ring is lauded for its feminine nuances in a stone-cold rock n’ roll base. Wear this more delicate piece of hardware to display your softer side. Let the silver flower wrap around your finger like a lover: you’ll be entranced by the light that reflects off the surface in a playful dance of passion. Intricate, princely, and designed to be the center of attraction—this perfectly balanced sterling silver centerpiece brings all the contrasting worlds together.

Dagger Ring

Warriors of worthy causes the world over swear by the illustrious Dagger Ring for its dedicated diligence in standing up for what you believe in. Strike out onto the world stage with passion, hope, and love. The Dagger Ring is a symbol of daring to dream of a better world.

Double Cross Floral Ring

The Double Cross Floral Ring is a fortuitous reminder that a fortunate turn of events is always around the corner. Keep calm and carry on and keep on rocking on because the world is your oyster. You only have to claim it to name it and enjoy the sights and scenery along the way. For ladies who like a bit of edge to their hardware, and for men strong enough to be in touch with their feminine side, yin meets yang piece of adornment is one that can hold its own in any setting.

K&T Ring

This beautiful conceptual ring was created with marriage in mind: it’s specifically designed so that a gem can be inserted in its center as a testament to your one and only. If you’re more of a “solo” artist, you can still rock this smoky silver baby as part of the discernible Chrome Hearts emblem. Poetic, profound, and deeply personal, this one will blend in perfect harmony to all of your emotions.

Eternity Vine Ring

Crafted and cultivated to heirloom status, people buy Chrome Hearts Eternity Vine rings particularly for weddings and engagements. A stylish way to celebrate love and hope, the ring has a blackened backdrop to let pop the three-dimensional vine motif. It also gives the ring an aged look to symbolize that your love will stand the test of time. The vine also evokes a sense of lifeblood to your relationship because it’s impact and imprint on your soul will be beautifully everlasting. Because you are both One, this ring is best worn by both partners to solidify your union.

Square Cemetery Ring

This solid sterling silver statement piece was purposely designed to “square in” on the three-dimensional cemetery ring and make it stand out. It’s no wonder that this ring is even rarer than its original. The classic cross motif will keep you fortified against any of the odds and you’ll feel squarely centered as you make your way. This one is renowned for being the ultimate symbol of sterling silver and possessing it is within your power.

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