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Chrome Hearts Earrings

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Chrome Hearts Earrings

The idea of earrings go back to the beginnings of the earth: civilizations from Ancient Egypt to Ancient India to Ancient Greece have rocked earrings as both a fashion statement but also as a symbol of spiritual and cultural significance.

Similarly, Chrome Hearts earrings offer both an eclectic fashion experience while honoring the brand’s sacred sense of style. Take the 22K Gold Baby Cross Charm Earrings with Rubies, for example. These gem-studded beauties befit a god or goddess who sees themselves as the captains of their own destiny no less, but who still have the humility to call on a higher, other-worldly power to guide their path.

The Chain Mail Chrome Hearts Plus Earrings and the Crossball Three Drop Earrings—both in striking silver sterling—are more of a casual nod to contemporary style and our current pop culture. You’ll see musicians and celebs alike rocking them in both their personal and professional lives whether they’re dressed up in designer threads or dressed down in torn-up denim.

Chrome Hearts earrings come in a collection of styles: studded, hooped, or drop, so there is a pair that will suit your every desire and mood. A single, Chrome Heart earring is strong enough to be worn as a solitary adornment and not only as a pair. Although a pair will certainly strike double the chord. Shake things up by wearing one Chrome Hearts earring one day, and then wearing the pair of them, the next.

The way you wear your Chrome Hearts earrings will be sure to keep admirers on their toes.