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Chrome Hearts Blog

What is 925 on Jewelry?

Well, no, it’s not some cryptic message or a special-edition serial number. If you’ve been wondering, “what is 925 on jewelry,” you’re in the right place.

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What Color Jewelry goes with Green Dress?

So you’ve just picked up a drop-dead gorgeous green dress and now you’re pondering the next major question: “What color jewelry goes with a green dress?” Don’t stress, you’re in the right spot.

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Are Pinky Rings Tacky?

Welcome, fashionistas and style seekers, we are here today to answer that always confusing question, are pinky rings tacky? Learn more here

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Are Spinner Rings Tacky?

Those revolving bands that keep your fingers busy but leave your style sense questioning. Are spinner rings tacky? A gimmick or an avant-garde accessory that belongs in your jewelry box?  Lets find out…

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