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How To Style Chrome Hearts Rings

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Chrome Hearts rings are the backbone of the Chrome Hearts jewelry brand. Whether they’re of the 22K gold with pavé diamonds variety or from our heavy duty 925 sterling silver range — Chrome Hearts rings are at the heart of the collections we hold dear. We have a substantial selection (especially if you buy Chrome Hearts online) to fulfill any of your bejeweled dreams. Our rings promise to uphold any played up or toned down style and image you’re imagining for yourself.

But how do you style Chrome Hearts rings? Should you stack them high or wear them low? Or is a statement ring the only way to go? Wring out those worries because we have a host of Chrome Hearts rings style tips on how to decorate those fingers and fingertips. Strut into the new year with Chrome Hearts jewelry and you’ll own every room you walk into. With these ideas, you’ll be ringing in the new year with Chrome Hearts—and confidence.

Before you buy Chrome Hearts, have a read through of some innovative ways to style these babies.

A Hand That Likes It Hardcore

Donning a heavier piece of hardware onto your middle fingers and then balancing out the look with thick, geometric styles for your pinky fingers is one “hardcore” way to go. If a hard rock or heavy metal look is in line with your personal emblem, your index fingers can also be embellished with more delicate-style rings to further flesh out the look.

For the heavier piece we recommend something like the smoky silver K&T ring for its powerful aesthetic. The Triple CH Plus Flat ring is perfectly suited to the balancing weight for the pinky rings—plus this ring has a rectangular shape which is kind of like a balancing scale itself. Index rings like the very creative Cross Trail ring can complete the overall aesthetic.

This particular hand vibe is best worn with an all-leather or all-denim ensemble. You want the hardware to stand out, so standing in some classic leather pants or denim jeans with your hands on your hips will be quite the Instagram image.

Statement Rings Make a Lasting Statement

At the same time, one can never underestimate the stay and power of a solid and solitary statement ring. If you have more of “less is more” style leaning, then we suggest going big and making it showy.

In this case, 22K Gold Keeper Ring With Pavé Diamonds is a statement-making ring and then some. We suggest wearing this stunner on your middle finger without any other rings on that hand for maximum effect. Wear as your sole piece of jewelry or pair with a Chrome Hearts bracelet to suit a solid-hued evening gown or a blazing red power pantsuit that just won’t quit. The 22K Gold Cemetery Ring With Pavé Diamonds is an alternative way to go that will have the same glorious effect especially for evening wear.

Mix Up The Metals For A More Bohemian Vibe

The artsy Bohemian in you might want to partake in a more playful mode of self-expression. One simple but jam-packed pointer to embody everything Boho? Mix metals and shapes on one (or even both!) of your index fingers—and then stack them all up on those pointers. You’ll look like a Bohemian bauble and bystanders will wonder if you’re wearing one ring or ten. For this look, we suggest using your base ring as your statement piece: our bemused 22K Gold SBT Band Ring is a most beautiful way to begin this look. Make the middle ring be our Silver SBT Band Ring and top off with the Cross Band Ring and you’re good to go. You’ll be your own Bohemian Rhapsody.

Three Of A Kind

Another way to pull off a very individualistic look is to to take three of the exact same rings and stack them on any finger of your choice for a robust yet regal look. For a nuanced look, stack up our CH Plus Pyramid Open Band Ring. After all, doesn’t a pyramid have three sides? You can also buy Chrome Hearts 6MM Forever Spacer Rings as another way to go. This look can also be adorned with any silver or gold Chrome Hearts bracelets to give off a more cultural vibe.

Shop and buy Chrome Hearts online at www.chromeworld.jp for many more looks that will also speak out to you. As a bonus, sign up for our email list and receive $50 off your first two orders when you buy Chrome Hearts online.