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How To Style Chrome Hearts Belts

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Belts are back, baby! Truth be told, they never left. Belts are one of those accessories that make an outfit truly unique and ultra-chic—for all the sexes. Belts can dress up denim, add a smack of style to a plain-but-posh dress, and give leather that little bit of extra kick in the pants (figuratively speaking, of course).

Brace yourselves because we have a bunch of ways to style some very cool Chrome Hearts belts which will have you—and your belt—leading the way. Buckle up.

But before we get to it you can buy Chrome Hearts online from the comfort of your home. We have a range of Chrome Hearts jewelry to choose from including Chrome Hearts rings and Chrome Hearts bracelets.

Loop Onto Leather For A Tone-On-Tone Look

Tasteful gothic is one way to go with the glamorous 3-Piece Celtic Roller Belt. This brazen but beautiful belt adds a touch of artful adornment that can take those leather pants for rock and roll to well…rock and roll.

By the same token, our 6-Sided Star Belt will be the star of your style when you wear over a black leather dress for those nights out on the town. This one gives a hint of the wild, Wild West to bring out a touch of your wild side.

These Ones Will Dazzle Up That Denim

One of our favorites belts for adding a flash of cutting-edge flair to any denim look is our Dagger Flat Buckle Belt. Your jeans will jump for joy because this baby adds a luxurious nuance to the laid-back look of your average (or not-so-average) Levi’s threads. The 925 sterling silver on this piece is the pop your day-to-day denim look has been waiting for.

If subtle is more your sartorial style, then stay tuned, because Chrome Hearts also has the Cemetery Cross Belt (Without Buckle) for those who like to keep their sparkle to themselves.

Long Tops And Long Dresses Need Some Love Sometimes, Too

A way to make your wardrobe fresh again? Add a belt! This includes those more plain-looking long tops and long dresses that have been hanging out on your hangers with nothing to do. Adding our Classic Oval Cross Belt can make those classic pieces in your closet come back to life. For a real touch of eclectic edge, add our Heart Buckle Belt and we can promise you, no one else will make an outfit pop the way this baby will. Cross our hearts.

Flash With Flares

Remember Former First Lady Michelle Obama at President Biden’s inauguration earlier this year? A belt can be just the thing to pair with a pair of flared trousers and a top of the same tone to break up the look. Our Cemetery Cross Buckle With Dagger Belt can give a color block to a more uniform look. This exquisite accessory will make your ensemble the envy of every passerby.

If Bling Isn’t Your Thing, Belts Can Be Your Bejeweled Accessory

Although we have a much-coveted collection of Chrome Hearts rings and Chrome Hearts bracelets among our accessories lines, a belt can be your own personal spin on wearing Chrome Hearts jewelry. No worries! In this case, we think stepping up your belt game might be in order. Our recommendation? The Dagger Belt (Without Buckle) has a line of intricately sewn-in daggers that can take the place of any dazzling piece of jewelry when you buy Chrome Hearts.

Shop and buy Chrome Hearts online at chromeworld.jp for many more ultra rock and roll jewelry looks that will also call out to you. Sign up for our newsletters and receive $50 off your first two orders when you buy Chrome Hearts online.