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How To Style Chrome Hearts Bags

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While it’s certainly true that Chrome Hearts jewelry is at the top of the totem pole when it comes to high accessorizing, there’s also no underestimating the significance of a Chrome Hearts handbag in a woman’s life. A handbag is your constant companion and rarely leaves your side. It carries all of your essentials and then some (hint: Chrome Hearts rings and Chrome Hearts bracelets!). So doesn’t it make sense that your mainstay accessory be something you can be proud of and show off? Shouldn’t it say something about your own personal style? Chrome Hearts bags are a beautiful, breathtaking way to make that style statement without your having to say a word.

Read on for a whole bag of ways to style that all-important Chrome Hearts handbag. When you buy Chrome Hearts, you’re investing in something that is classic, timeless, and always on trend. Of course, the fact that Chrome Hearts bags are all in elegant black, this makes them especially in tune with both vintage and avant-garde versatility. Holding a Chrome Hearts will give you an extra pep in your step. You’ll find these and many other bags on Chrome Hearts online.

High Boots Require High Style

Our gothic-studded Chrome Hearts Cemetery Strap Messenger Bag is the perfect companion to a pair of tall black leather boots. The strap is on the thicker side which nicely balances out any chunky footwear for the colder months like that perfect pair of long boots you love. This messenger bag easily goes from the office to out-of-office (bistro, anyone?). Swing this baby in style and you’ll get adoring glances wherever you go.

It’s All About Balance

The Cemetery Cross Snut Bag can be such a bold complement to your look that you will want it to be the focus. For this reason, we suggest pairing this beauty with more of a downplayed ensemble so that you can showcase the bag to its full effect. Go dressy, certainly, but let the flash be focused on the bag. This piece of luxury is the only decorative accessory your look will need. This stunner also works well with more casual but classic clothes and makes for a most standout finishing touch.

Rock That Body Right…With The Right Bag

Style experts say that with any piece of clothing or accessory, it makes good fashion sense to style a handbag with your body type. A handbag can take away or add pounds just as with any other piece of clothing depending on the bag’s shape, size and where it falls on your body.

If you want to add a little volume or width to your body frame (or you just prefer a bulky sort of bag), choose a wide and detailed bag: our Multi Cross Boston Bag happens to be suited to this style. On the other hand, if your goal is a slimmer silhouette, go for the Double Dagger With Scroll Label Messenger Bag. This one will give an eclectic (and literal) edge but has (and gives) a more angular profile.

Fling These Over Your Shoulder For Formal Events

For those extra special occasions, the Chrome Hearts Cross HandBag is the one bag that can handle the spotlight. When it comes to standing out against the crowd, this stunner checks all the style boxes: it’s sleek, fashionable, and highly elegant for any high street glitz and glamour. You can also clutch the Plus Line Clutch Scroll Label for a fabulous dose of flair for those special nights out. You’ll slay while either of these bags sway.

Accessorize these handbags with Chrome Hearts jewelry and you’re good to go. Chrome Hearts rings, for example, will look stunning as you clutch a CH bag. The same can be said for Chrome Hearts bracelets.

Shop and buy Chrome Hearts at chromeworld.jp for many more ultra rock and roll jewelry looks that will also call out to you. Sign up for our newsletters and receive $50 off your first two orders when you buy Chrome Hearts online.