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How To Style Chrome Hearts Pendants

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A pendant is a standout statement piece that can offset an outfit beautifully. Since a pendant literally hangs from your neck and necklace front and center, it can be a way to show off your spiritual side, your divine personality, and your sublime sense of style.

The Chrome Hearts jewelry collection includes a beautiful range of pendants for all types of discernment. Here are a few ways to fashion our Chrome Hearts pendants and incorporate them into a myriad of looks that will take you from Monday at the office right through to a Saturday night out on the town as well as a much more serene Sunday morning hanging out in church.

You can buy Chrome Hearts at any of our in-person locations or online. We also have a wide range of Chrome Hearts rings and Chrome Hearts bracelets to choose from.

Pep Up A Casual Look With A Pendant

Whether you’re working from home or “zooming” to the office, we get that the way of the world has become a lot more casual. Let a Chrome Hearts pendant dress up a relaxed look. Our Oval Angel Medallion Charm pendant will pop against a black T-shirt or sit calmly against a white canvas shirt as well.

For a slightly edgier look wear with a crop top for a casual night out or with a neutral cover up for a day at the office. Pair with denim for a Friday night of bar hopping and this pendant will give a shining reflection from that piña colada glass.

Accessorize With Outfits For The Office

Our sterling silver pendants aren’t too glitzy for the office. Take our BS Fleur Charm for instance: it will look toned down with trousers and a shirt or other top—no BS here. You can also dress this baby up in a solid or printed dress for a touch of glamour that will enamor through the daily grind. Pair this pendant with a power suit and your look will be the personification of office glory.

A Pendant For A Polished Look

Any formal or dressy event can be topped off with the perfect pendant. The Chrome Hearts 22k Gold Dagger Pendant will take center stage against any dressy backdrop and add some seriously sexy cutting edge flair to a put together look.

Don’t Forget About Turtlenecks, Crewnecks, and Collar Necks

Whether they’re dressy or casual these three tops are the perfect clothing canvas primed for a pendant. Feel free to show off your spiritual side with the Chrome Hearts 22k Gold Large Star of David pendant or our Large Filigree Cross Pendant. A pendant can also sit well with a V-neck top provided the neckline is just right.

Two Times A Charm

In our postmodern fashion world, anything goes—especially anything avant-garde. Why let only one pendant hang from your necklace when you can have two. The beauty about Chrome Hearts pendants is that while each style is uniquely different, they have that telltale signature look that makes them go beautifully together in an eclectic and personal way. For example, wear our floral motif Keeper Pendant coupled with our Star Whistle Pendant. People will asking about your pendants any place you go.

Pair any of these pendants with our Chrome Hearts rings and Chrome Hearts bracelets and you’ll be soaring.

Shop and buy Chrome Hearts online at www.chromeworld.jp for many more ultra rock and roll Chrome Hearts jewelry looks that will also call out to you. Sign up for our newsletters and receive $50 off your first two orders when you buy Chrome Hearts online.

When you buy Chrome Hearts, you’re not just buying bling, but rather an heirloom that will live forever.