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How To Style Chrome Hearts Bracelets

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Which way is the best way to adorn Chrome Hearts on the arm? Read on for our Chrome Hearts compilation of bracelet styles that will make your heart sing.

When many people think of Chrome Hearts jewelry, they automatically think of Chrome Hearts rings, but there are also many Chrome Hearts bracelets to choose from. From delicate and dainty to bold and beady, you will love the assortment of luxurious adornments for your armwear when you’re on a shopping mission to buy Chrome Hearts.

Wondering which is the best way for you to personally style your Chrome Hearts bracelet finds? Here are a few ways to style some of our most special Chrome Hearts bracelets. Buy Chrome Hearts online from the comfort of your home for all of the following looks.

Indulge In A Chrome Hearts Sandwich

One very cool, calm, and collected way to show off your Chrome Hearts look is to have a stylish stainless steel wristwatch be the “meat” between two Chrome Hearts dainty bracelets. Wear it with our delicate and dreamy Rolling Stones Tongue Bracelet on one side and our Tiny 6 Sided Star Bracelet on the other (ideally have this one be the bracelet closest to your wrist).

Pair With A Wristwatch Period

Alternatively pair only one bracelet—but make it chunky—with your wristwatch. Offset a stainless steel or leather wristband watch with our offbeat paper chain link Babyfat Ring Bracelet to give a slightly hipster-edgy nuance to the more serious style of your timepiece.

Double Up For A Double Take

Of course, our favorite Chrome Hearts bracelet look has to be to double up the hardware on one arm for a

step-it-up stellar kind of look. Wear two dainty bracelets together on one wrist for a textural look without the bulk—or wear one chunky bracelet with one delicate bracelet.

For two intricate wristlets we love those from our sterling silver collection such as the BS Fleur Cross Cut Out Link Bracelet as well as our Hearts Bracelet. Alternatively, buy one of these Chrome Hearts and pair with our three-dimensional Large Gem Stud Cuff.

For more of a contrasting kind of look, pair our artisanal Dice and Crossball Bracelet with our Turquoise Bead Bracelet 8MM to add a beaded pop of color.

For a full-on luxurious look, choose from our selection of Chrome Hearts rings for an elaborate addition to this particular style.

Stack ‘Em Up

If you’re all about Bohemian chic, stack up multiple bracelets with a focal point. Have one chunky Chrome Hearts bracelet be your main piece and then further accessorize with two more slimmer, daintier styles.

For your “stand above the rest” piece, we suggest something like our iconic and hugely popular Double ID Fancy Link Bracelet. Offset with slimmer wristlets such as our intricate Scroll Band Cuff and our Tiny 6 Sided Star Bracelet for an added dose of rock and roll.

Stand Alone Statement

Of course, the effect of one statement bracelet can be an exquisite thing. For those who like to go big or go home, one armlet that packs a punch is our

22k Gold Dagger ID Fancy Link Chain Clip Bracelet. There’s not much comparison on this one because it truly speaks for itself. You can’t go wrong on this one and you’ll wear it for years to come.

If you dare, make for an even more edgy look pair with one of our Chrome Hearts rings.

Shop and buy Chrome Hearts online at chromeworld.jp for many more ultra rock and roll jewelry looks that will also call out to you. Sign up for our newsletters and receive $50 off your first two orders when you buy Chrome Hearts online.