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How To Style Chrome Hearts Earrings

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Chrome Hearts earrings are one of those jewelry additions that add a touch of umph to any outfit and make it unique. Whether your preference happens to be hooped, studded, drop, or all of the above—we have a variety of earrings to suit every Chrome Hearts taste bud when it comes to decorating those delicate (or maybe not-so-delicate) earbuds.

Wondering how to amplify your fashion style with Chrome Hearts? We’ll give you an earful on a number of both elegant and edgy ways to wear Chrome Hearts jewelry—specifically earrings—with fashion and flair.

You can buy Chrome Hearts at any of our in-person locations or online. We also have an eclectic range of Chrome Hearts rings and Chrome Hearts bracelets to choose from.

The Trend Where Anything Goes

Fashinonistas everywhere can rejoice: we currently live in an era where anything goes when it comes to earrings. You see it on the runway and you see it on the street: some will wear a single earring, some will wear two but they’re mismatched, while others wear multiple earrings all at once.

Today it’s all about your own individual take on the classic chrome hearts earrings. Celeb piercers like J. Colby Smith and Maria Tash echo this ear sentiment: one look at their unique looks and you can tell that it’s all about your own personal creation and curation. Take the Chrome Hearts Cross Ball silver studs, for example. Wear together for a classic look, or wear one of these babies with our Pyramid Plus Stud Earrings for an unexpected look.

If you happen to have multiple piercings, wear all of the above with Tiny Cross Hoop Earrings for especially eclectic-looking ears. One of our favorite Chrome Hearts looks is pairing a sterling silver stud such as our Cut Out Star Earrings with a longer drop or hoop earring on the other ear. We’re in love with Chain Mail CH Plus Earrings as well as our Crossball Three Drop Earrings for a drop-dead gorgeous look.

If You Do Go Trendy, Take A Traditional Tone

One thing we do suggest (although it isn’t set in stone) is that if you do want to go the mismatched route, at least keep the same tone in earrings. In other words, let all of the earrings you wear at the same time be sterling silver—or alternatively, all gold. This creates a seamless rather than chaotic theme to admirers who will study you closely to figure out the detailed nuances.

Give That Leather Some Lip Service

What would a rock n’ roll image be without a little bit of cheeky edge? Grace your leather jacket or blazer with our Lip and Tongue Earrings which happen to be a collab item with none other than the iconic Rolling Stones band themselves. The earrings feature the rock legend’s world-famous logo and exemplifies the Chrome Hearts culture itself. Buy these Chrome Hearts babies as part of your signature look and let the world stare in profound wonder at the perfection of your own personal brand and image. Pair these suckers with denim for a more casual feast.

Pair any of these pieces with any Chrome Hearts rings or Chrome Hearts bracelets that speak to you. Adding any of the above trinkets to your Chrome Hearts jewelry collection will keep your accessories on the A-level.

Shop and buy Chrome Hearts online at chromeworld.jp for many more ultra rock and roll jewelry looks that will also call out to you. Sign up for our newsletters and receive $50 off your first two orders when you buy Chrome Hearts online.