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Chrome Hearts Accessories For Your Autumn Wedding

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The beauty about having an autumn wedding—especially a late fall wedding—is that whether your big day is indoors or outdoors, you’ll have a color burst of leaves in the background of your outdoor photographs. Not only will your dress—whatever color you choose—shine through the myriad of autumn hues, but the light and colors will bounce off your jewelry—especially if it’s Chrome Hearts.

Consider Chrome Hearts to be your mainstay jewelry of choice for your special autumn day. Not only will you look a cut above the crowd, but you’ll also have an edge on any bride that came before you. Not that we’re comparing.

Here are our favorite choices for the best Chrome Hearts necklaces and Chrome Hearts bracelets to suit your understated or over-the-top bridal dress—depending on how you like to portray your personal style. All of these Chrome Hearts pieces are available at our Chrome Hearts stores as well as at our online Chrome Hearts store.

These Chrome Hearts Necklaces Will Look Like A Work Of Art As You Make Your Way Down The Aisle

If you want to become one of the most famous fall brides of our times, then the 22K Gold Dagger Chrome Hearts Pendant will look like the color of gilded leaves glistening from your neck. This stunner will make you look even more striking—especially if you have a V-shaped wedding dress. The full effect will be talked about for seasons to come.

For the bride who is spiritually-inclined, the statement-making Celtic Cross Pendant is the ideal Chrome Hearts necklace for emitting good vibes and pure energy while being heralded for being a vision of utter beauty. With this Chrome Hearts necklace as your companion, who says you have to be the blushing bride?

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Heart Locket Pendant to add to your Chrome Hearts necklace. This one is for the classically romantic bride who likes to put her own take on tradition.

A Chrome Hearts Bracelet Will Make A Statement As You Recite Your Vows

Add the finishing touch to your wedding look with our 22K Gold Tiny E Chrome Hearts Plus Bracelet. This most elegant piece is intricate enough to pull off a delicate, subtle, and refined look but it still has the power to dazzle every guest that lays eyes on it. Like your forever union, this baby will be sure to stand the test of time. If silver is more your style, then the Chrome Hearts Plus Pyramid Link Bracelet will capture your heart and then some. This one is lovely for the autumn beach wedding where you want more of a relaxed vibe. Casual glam is the name of the game and this Chrome Hearts bracelet has your name on it. Since you will be the star of the show, you might fancy our Tiny 6-Sided Star Chrome Hearts Bracelet as well. This stunner will take you from wedding to honeymoon and then be there with you for the long haul.

Fall in love with any of our Chrome Hearts necklaces and Chrome Hearts bracelets at either a Chrome Hearts store or at our online Chrome Hearts store. You’ll be happy to find some casual Chrome Hearts clothing in stock online as well—any of which promise to be perfect for your airport look as you head off to your honeymoon. The Chrome Hearts clothing will feel on-so-comfy as you catch up on beauty sleep on the airplane.

After all, why would you want to wear something Chrome Hearts just for the wedding day? A Chrome Hearts commitment that includes Chrome Hearts clothing for your happily ever after is the best jewelry commitment of all.