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Gold Is Where It’s At With Chrome Hearts

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More than two years since the start of the pandemic, as things are beginning to get back to some semblance of normal, fashion experts say that people are making their fashion comebacks with a bang. Kind of like the roaring 1920s decade of gold and decadence, so are our own 2020s wanting to be filled with a little bit of opulence since the scarcity of the last couple of years.

In this light, gold jewelry and accessories are getting a lot of traction both on fashion runways and on the Hollywood red carpets during awards season. As a matter of fact, even the theme of the famous 2022 Met Gala will have many golden gilded glamour overtones to it.

Our Chrome Hearts stores (both in-person and online) have a stunning collection of golden Chrome Hearts necklaces and Chrome Hearts bracelets, many of which will catch your golden eye.

But before we get to the gold, Chrome Hearts stores worldwide (as well as our online Chrome Hearts store) have a breathtaking selection of Chrome Hearts necklaces, Chrome Hearts bracelets, as well as other Chrome Hearts jewelry including Chrome Hearts clothing for your pleasure.

Here are our favorite Chrome Hearts gold pieces of the season.

Ring A Ding Ding

2022 is the year where we’re sick and tired of being stifled. By this token the Chrome Hearts 22K Gold True Fucking Punk Ring is the ultimate luxury piece you want to have on your Chrome Hearts hit list. This stunner was meant to take center stage of all your jewelry pieces and shown off to the world but it still has that delicate and refined quality at the same time. If you want to go even bigger and bolder, might we suggest our Chrome Hearts 22K Forever Gold Ring. This solid piece of artwork will go well with a Chrome Hearts bracelet and can even go with Chrome Hearts clothing for a more toned down but still decadent look.

Brace Yourself With This Chrome Hearts Bracelet

There’s nothing like a gold Chrome Hearts bracelet to wear as both a stunning piece of hardware while treasure as future heirloom for your loved ones. With this in mind, the timeless Chrome Hearts 22K Gold Tiny E Bracelet was made to be both on trend while still classic to showcase through the ages. Wear as a stand alone piece or pair with something as showstopping as a Chrome Hearts necklace such as our 22K Gold Dagger Pendant necklace. You’ll stop people in their tracks without even having to say a word. Available at Chrome Hearts stores and online.

Chrome Hearts Necklaces And All That Glitters

A gold Chrome Hearts necklace gives a beautiful and vibrant touch to your style. Take our 22K Gold Cross Baby Fat Charm Chrome Hearts necklace for instance. This beauty is both sensible, spiritual, and stylish and can be the centerpiece to your look. It’s also divine as a decadent heirloom piece. Whoever wears this golden beauty won’t want to be without it any time. It’s also a stunning piece of protection for those who like to see it as such. Another golden Chrome Hearts necklace idea you may consider adding to your Chrome Hearts collection is our 22K Gold Cross With One Gold Ball Charm pendant. This beauty is a subtle ornamental piece with spiritual significance and would look beautiful on a Chrome Hearts necklace.

These decadent pieces are available at Chrome Hearts stores online and in-person worldwide although some styles are made to order. There are also a variety of Chrome Hearts clothes for your sartorial pleasure.

It’s Chrome Hearts for the gold!