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The Best Chrome Hearts Pieces For Rockstars

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If there’s one special brand that is devoted to the life of a musician, it’s Chrome Hearts. After all, which other jewelry company can claim that it has collaborated with artists who are the likes of The Rolling Stones and someone known as Drake? Musicians from all over the world wear Chrome Hearts pieces both on stage when they’re performing their hearts out but also in their day to day life.

We’ve rounded up our picks for the best Chrome Hearts pieces for the musician in you. These include Chrome Hearts necklaces, Chrome Hearts bracelets and we’ve even thrown in some Chrome Hearts clothing into the music mix as well because every musician needs some trendy threads, right?

Before we pull the curtain back on the Chrome Hearts pieces that every musician—professional or amateur—can be found at any of our locations across the world as well as our online Chrome Hearts store for your convenience.

Chrome Hearts Necklaces That Will Dangle And Dance Around Your Neck

Our Rolling Stones Guitar Pick Charm is the perfect beginner musician trinket and Chrome Hearts necklace to have hanging around your neck as you make way up the music scene. Maybe you’re an aspiring DJ who is looking to make it on the club scene, or you’re a fantastic drummer who is on the road auditioning for the big names. Either way, this baby might give you a stroke of good luck as you make your way to “Old Town Road”.

If you’re making your way in the music world, capture the attention of the heavyweights of the music industry with our Star Whistle Pendant. This stunning sterling silver Chrome Hearts necklace will not only call out to all the right people in the business, but it also might put you on the path to becoming a star in the process. Imagine that.

Chrome Hearts Bracelets That Will Break A Leg

Nothing says you’ve got the music in you than our Rolling Stones Tongue Bracelet. This Chrome Hearts bracelet will have you keeping up with the best of them. We know you’ve got the talent, so now here’s the hardware to boot. In the words of Pharrell Williams: “I’m feelin’ happy…”

Don’t wait until your album goes multi platinum to get in on our Chrome Hearts Multi Link Bracelet. Think big, practice hard, and with the help of this hardware, you’ll feel like a star in the making who is on their way to big things.

Chrome Hearts Clothing Will That Will Strike A Chord

Every musician and music lover—whether you’re a rock n’ roller by heart or a rapper on-the-ready—should own a classic Chrome Hearts T-shirt. The Chrome Hearts Multi Color ‘Cross Cemetery” Black T-Shirt was made with the musician in mind and will blow the world away whether you’re wearing it on stage or in the crowd. Our Multi Logo Chrome Hearts Black T-Shirt is another way to go and we believe that every musician should have both. Isn’t a black Tee the musician’s uniform, anyway. Every musician worth their salt knows that when it comes to a rock star’s fashion sense, Chrome Hearts is really the only way to go.

Any of these Chrome Hearts necklaces, Chrome Hearts bracelets, (and even coveted Chrome Hearts clothing) will be sure to make your choices for heirloom pieces a sensational success. Shop at any one of our Chrome Hearts stores worldwide (we have Chrome Hearts stores across a number of continents in locations such as Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Malibu, Los Angeles, St, Barth, Aspen, and Japan) or conveniently head on over to our online Chrome Hearts store.