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Editor’s Notes

The Oval Angel Medallion was created in the image of a popular medallion. The charm of the two angels holding a dagger has a sacred atmosphere. It is said that various miracles occur for those who wear this type of medallion. These earrings create a unique energy and uplifting feeling for the wearer. The reflective nature of the medallion also creates a rock chic vibe very wonderfully.

The Virgin Mary, who appeared to the nun Katarina Labre, told her to save people and to wear this medallion. Because of the miracles happening one after another for the wearer, it has come to be called “Mysterious Medal” and “Miracle Medal”.

We recommend these earrings as one of our most popular designs. These earrings also look better as a pair due to their size and reflective nature. They make a wonderful gift for all sorts of occasions.


Product includes
  • Chrome Hearts Original Genuine Leather Pouch
  • Genuine Product Certificate
  • Original Chrome World Box
  • Original Chrome World Silver Polishing Cloth
  • All Chrome Hearts silver earrings are brand new and made from 925 sterling silver.
  • Handcrafted in California, USA