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Editor’s Notes

A ring with a mirror finish that gives it a large and profound presence. This minimally designed ring has two Chrome Hearts crosses engraved on each side. On first glance, it appears to be a minimalist piece of silver jewelry, but on a closer look, it is unmistakably Chrome Hearts.

Not only is the weight of the silver high, but the beauty of the natural sterling silver can also be enjoyed to the fullest in this big pj cross ring. This is a ring that can be worn as the centerpiece of any Chrome Hearts set up, or on its own as a minimalist aesthetic setup.

We can recommend this ring to those who like Chrome Hearts design, but find a lot of their products to be too aggressive and powerful in design.

This product measures 1.83cm tall on the tallest side and 1.17cm tall on the shortest side. It is about 0.48cm thick on top and 0.25cm thick on the thinner side facing the palm. (Using a size 5.5 as reference.)

Product includes
  • Chrome Hearts Original Genuine Leather Pouch
  • Genuine Product Certificate
  • Original Chrome World Box
  • Original Chrome World Silver Polishing Cloth
  • All Chrome Hearts silver rings are brand new and made from 925 sterling silver.
  • Handcrafted in California, USA