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How to Organize Necklaces – 15 Great Ways

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Organizing your necklaces can be a fun and rewarding task. Not only will it make your jewelry collection more accessible, but it can also be a great way to showcase your pieces and add a decorative element to your space. Here are 15 unique and helpful ideas on how to organize necklaces you’ve just bought from Chrome World JP:

How to Organize Necklaces

Tip 1: Wall-Mounted Hooks

Utilize the vertical space on your walls to hang your necklaces. Choose decorative hooks or knobs that match your decor and create a personalized display.

When hanging necklaces, group them by length or style to make choosing the right piece for your outfit easier. Leave some space between each hook to prevent the necklaces from tangling.

Tip 2: Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire provides an all-in-one storage solution for your entire jewelry collection. These specialized pieces of furniture typically feature multiple drawers, compartments, and hooks for necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.

Select an armoire that complements your room’s style, and organize your necklaces by material or length for easy access.

Tip 3: Corkboard Display

Transform a corkboard into a necklace organizer by covering it with your favorite fabric. Use push pins or small hooks to hang your necklaces.

Arrange your collection by color, style, or length, and add labels or decorative elements to personalize your display further.

Tip 4: Shadow Box Frame

Create a unique and visually appealing display by repurposing a shadow box frame. Attach hooks, pegs, or pins inside the frame to hang your necklaces.

Group your pieces by theme, style, or material to add an artistic touch to your room while keeping your necklaces organized and tangle-free.

Tip 5: Necklace Tree

A necklace tree is a versatile and artistic storage solution. Its branches offer plenty of space for hanging necklaces of various lengths.

Organize your necklaces by color, material, or length to prevent tangling and create an eye-catching display.

Tip 6: Tiered Jewelry Stand

A multi-tiered jewelry stand is perfect for storing and displaying necklaces of different lengths. The separate tiers prevent tangling and make it easier to access your collection.

Choose a stand that complements your decor and arrange your necklaces by style, color, or material.

Tip 7: Rotating Necklace Holder

A rotating necklace holder offers compact and accessible storage. The rotating feature allows you to easily browse your collection and find the perfect piece for any outfit.

Group your necklaces by style, length, or color to prevent tangling and make your collection more visually appealing.

Tip 8: Ladder Rack

Repurpose an old wooden ladder by leaning it against a wall and draping your necklaces over the rungs. The ladder’s rustic and bohemian style adds a unique touch to your room. Arrange your necklaces by color, length, or style to create an organized and artistic display.

Tip 9: Velvet Jewelry Tray

Velvet jewelry trays with compartments provide a gentle and organized storage solution for drawers. The soft fabric protects your necklaces from scratches, while the compartments keep them separate and untangled. Store your necklaces by material, length, or style for easy access.

Tip 10: Mannequin Display

Use a dress form or mannequin to showcase your statement necklaces. Drape your pieces around the mannequin’s neck to see how they look when worn. This creative solution adds a fashion-forward touch to your room and makes choosing the perfect necklace for your outfit easier.

Tip 11: Hanging Jewelry Organizer

A hanging jewelry organizer with clear pockets is perfect for small spaces. Hang it in your closet or on the back of a door to save space. The clear pockets make it easy to see and access your necklaces. Organize your collection by color, style, or length for a functional and visually appealing display.

Tip 12: Necklace Storage Book

Create a DIY necklace storage book by attaching felt pages to a binder or notebook. Secure your necklaces to the pages using pins, ensuring they are spaced out to prevent tangling. Label the pages by necklace style, color, or material to make finding the right piece easier.

Tip 13: Magnetic Board

Mount a magnetic board on your wall and use magnetic hooks or clips to hang your necklaces. This solution allows you to rearrange your display easily and keep your necklaces tangle-free. Group your necklaces by length, style, or material for a functional and customizable display.

Tip 14: Pegboard Organizer

Use a pegboard to create a versatile necklace storage solution. Attach hooks, shelves, or baskets to accommodate your entire jewelry collection. Organize your necklaces by style, color, or material to make finding the right piece easier and create an organized and visually appealing display.

Tip 15: Drawer Divider

If you prefer to store your necklaces in a drawer, use adjustable drawer dividers to create separate compartments for each necklace. This solution keeps your necklaces untangled and easily accessible. Store your necklaces by length, material, or style to make choosing the perfect piece for your outfit easier.


In conclusion, organizing your necklaces doesn’t have to be a chore. With these unique and helpful ideas, you can create a functional and visually appealing display that showcases your collection and adds a personal touch to your space.

Enjoy browsing you organized Chrome Hearts necklaces and finding the perfect piece for any outfit effortlessly.