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Our top tips on how to gues a womans ring size

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So you’re ready to buy her that special ring, huh?

Whether you’re popping the question or just looking to surprise her with some bling, knowing how to guess a ring size for a woman can be a journey into the unknown.

Brace yourself.

Let’s dive into some cloak-and-dagger tactics to decode this mystery.

The Old Switcheroo: Use Another Ring

She wears rings. You’ve seen them. Now’s the time to put that Sherlock Holmes hat on.

While she’s not looking, borrow one of her rings that fits her ring finger. Make an impression in a bar of soap or on a piece of paper.

Presto! You’ve got yourself a makeshift blueprint.

Take this to a jeweler, and they’ll decode the size. Just make sure you return the ring before she notices, or you might blow your cover!

The Inside Job: Enlist Her Friends and Family

Get ready to recruit a squad. Her best friends or close family might already know her ring size. If not, they can play detective for you.

Just make sure you select your allies wisely. You need people who can keep a secret and avoid blabbing about your surprise.

The Borrowing Game: Temporarily Commandeer a Ring

This tactic is for the bold and the brave. It’s similar to the switcheroo, but this time you’re not just taking an impression.

You’re borrowing her ring and taking it to a jeweler. Make sure you plan well and choose a time when she won’t notice the missing bling.

DIY Detective Work: Use a Ring Size Guide

Roll up your sleeves for some DIY.

Printable ring size guides are the secret weapon in your arsenal. It’s a matter of sneaking a ring she wears on the correct finger and comparing it with the guide. 

Et voila! The mystery size is revealed.

The Hail Mary: Guess Based on Her Height and Weight

We’re getting into the Wild West here, partner. This method is not the most precise, but if you’re down to guesswork, her physical stature can give you clues.

The average ring size for women is between 6-6.5. If she’s petite, aim for 4.5-5. More statuesque? Try a 7-7.5.

The Undercover Operation: Professional Sizing

This tactic requires Oscar-worthy acting skills.

Concoct a story that requires both of you to visit a jewelry store. Maybe you’re buying a ring for your mom or sister?

Get her to try on some rings and casually note the size. Just remember to keep your poker face on.

The Flex Option: Go for Adjustable Rings

Feeling the pressure?

Go for an adjustable ring. They’re designed to fit any finger and they take the guesswork out of sizing.

Plus, they’re often edgy and unique. What’s not to love?

Plan B: Propose with a Placeholder

All else failed? No sweat. Propose with a placeholder ring and then embark on a romantic journey to choose the perfect engagement ring together.

It’s all about the moment, after all, not the size of the ring.

Remember, in the world of ring sizing, bigger is better. A ring that’s too small might not fit, while a bigger one can always be resized.

So when in doubt, aim a little higher. Now go forth and conquer that ring size mystery!


Whether you’re staging a covert operation to borrow her ring or playing detective with her friends, knowing how to guess a ring size for a woman in your life is a high-stakes game. It’s a blend of observation, deduction, and a little creative storytelling.

And remember, it’s more than just a number on a ring sizer. It’s about knowing her, understanding her, and taking a momentous step toward a future together.

Don’t let the fear of getting it wrong hold you back. Even if you’re not entirely sure about the size, opt for a slightly bigger one.

A ring that’s a bit large can be resized, but one that’s too small might not fit her at all. 

Worst-case scenario? Choose an adjustable ring or a placeholder for the proposal. The element of surprise and the emotions attached will undoubtedly outweigh any temporary sizing mishaps.

Embrace the journey and remember, whether it’s a perfect fit right out of the box or needs a little adjustment, it’s the thought, the intention, and the love behind the ring that truly counts. So don’t sweat the small stuff – you’ve got this! Now go get that ring!