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How To Choose Chrome Hearts For Your Winter Wedding

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If you happen to be a bride-to-be for the winter of 2023, you’ll love the bridal fashion trends that have been bursting onto the scene of late. Fans of Bridgerton and The Empress will be happy to know that corset-style dresses, lace, and off-the-shoulder are the motifs that are going strong but in a more modern and edgy way.

Of course, accessories have to also be front and center and feed into this sexy gothic kind of vibe: enter Chrome Hearts. Chrome Hearts has the cut-above pieces you need to add an element of edge to your high-cut corset and lace style.

Read on for our picks of the designs that will not only complete your winter bridal look, but will also be your something new.

Before we walk you down the Chrome Hearts aisle, it’s important to add that Chrome Hearts bracelets, rings, earrings, and even Chrome Hearts clothing are all available at any of our Chrome Hearts stores around the world as well as online.

High Style Chrome Hearts Necklaces For Your High Style Bridal Look

We may be biased, but we think that the 22K Chrome Hearts Gold Logo Necklace would make a sexy contrast over a lace bodice gown. It’s simple, but still makes a statement. What’s more is that the engraving is in Roman Numeral gothic format, so talk about an elegant edge!

The 22K Gold Dagger Pendant is another Chrome Hearts necklace statement piece that brings out your original bridal style that exudes strength and stature and will be a lovely accent to your winter white wedding dress. This stunner would be right at home with a corset-style bodice or off-the-shoulder number.

Walk Arm-In-Arm Down The Aisle In These Chrome Hearts Bracelets

The 22K Gold Tiny Chrome Hearts Bracelet would make a dainty and delicate accent for the bride who wants her jewelry to be simple but striking. But if bold and beaded is the name of the game, then the Turquoise Bead Chrome Hearts Bracelet is the ideal accessory companion for you. Did we mention that it’s almost blue?

Chrome Hearts Rings To Sport In Style And Symbolize Your Love

Of course, what would a wedding be without Chrome Hearts rings for the wedding reveal? The 22K Gold True Fucking Punk Ring is the edgy statement wedding band that will be a source of pride and beautiful memories over the years. The 22K Gold Forever Ring was made for the cutting-edge bride who likes to kick things up a notch. Wear to dare.

If more of an architectural edge is more your fancy, for your forever ring, then the 22K Gold SBT Band Ring bends the rules with its slightly square and square style.

Already thinking about the honeymoon even before the wedding has taken place? We’ve got you covered on that Chrome Hearts clothing front, too. Transition to your hot-locale honeymoon resort of choice with our Chrome Hearts Multi Logo T-Shirt in Black as well as our Chrome Hearts Multicolor Cross Cemetery T-Shirt in Black. You’ll be a hit at your honeymoon location too.

Any of these Chrome Hearts necklaces, Chrome Hearts bracelets, (and even coveted Chrome Hearts clothing) will be sure to make your winter wedding accessories an artistic addition to your wedding attire. Shop at any one of our Chrome Hearts stores worldwide (we have Chrome Hearts stores across a number of continents in locations such as Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Malibu, Los Angeles, St, Barth, Aspen, and Japan) or conveniently head on over to our online Chrome Hearts store.