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Go Big With These Chrome Hearts Statement Pieces

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Sometimes a statement piece is all you need when you want to make a well, a statement with your jewelry. If this is your personal fashion route of choice—and we sincerely think that it should be—then Chrome Hearts is the ideal way to give off that “go big or go home” kind of vibe that will keep you right where you belong, which is right at the very center of things.

Ready to set your statement-look on fire with Chrome Hearts? We bring you the loudest, proudest, and most impactful Chrome Hearts necklaces, bracelets for your personal statement of choosing. We even have a few pieces of Chrome Hearts clothing up our sleeve to make that statement look all the more packed, if you please.

All of our Chromes Hearts necklaces, bracelets and Chrome Hearts clothing is available at a long selection of Chrome Hearts stores around the globe. Of course, we also have an online Chrome Hearts store location for your added convenience.

Statement Chrome Hearts Necklaces That Promise To Enter The Room Before You Do

This 22K Gold Dagger Pendant will be the Chrome Hearts necklace you want so much that it will pierce your heart with sheer longing. Not only will this sublime piece of eclectic and utterly exquisite hardware make you swoon but it will do the same to anyone else who happens to set their sights on this stellar piece of eye candy. Alternatively, charm the crowd with our 22K Gold Cross Baby Fat Charm Chrome Hearts necklace. Either way, luxury enters a whole new level with these babies and will make your leather as well as your formal outfits sing with pleasure.

Chrome Hearts Bracelets That Bank On Making A Statement

If making a solid statement is what you’re after, then we have to sing the praises of this solid Fancy Chain Box Bracelet. This Chrome Hearts bracelet was made to be hot and heavy but feel like you’re wearing an effortlessly cool piece of gorgeous hardware. Not only does this baby pack a punch when it comes to making a style statement, but it’s the perfect companion for concerts, nightclubs, boat parties, and rooftop soirées to boot. Similarly, the Double ID Fancy Link bracelet is the Chrome Hearts bracelet you’ll love when you want to make an impression on a night out on the town. In fact this baby will make such an impression that they may forget to ask for ID, but hey maybe that’s a good thing.

Chrome Hearts Clothes That Will Make A Lasting Impression

The ultimate streetwear Chrome Hearts clothing fashion statement to make is the Chrome Hearts X Matty Boy Space Blue Hoodie as well as the Black and Multicolor Cross Cemetery Chrome Hearts Hoodie. Both of these fashion-loving pieces of Chrome Hearts fashion clothing will be recognized right away for not just for being the cool-crowd Chrome Hearts threads, but also for being the paradigm of eclectic, statement-making style that will give you the coolest edge. We say why not take advantage of that and let your fashion style slay.

Any of these Chrome Hearts necklaces, Chrome Hearts bracelets, and Chrome Hearts clothing will make the biggest of statements not mention making sure that you’re always a step ahead of the crowd. Shop at any one of our Chrome Hearts stores worldwide (we have Chrome Hearts stores across a number of continents in locations such as Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Malibu, Los Angeles, St, Barth, Aspen, and Japan) or conveniently head on over to our online Chrome Hearts store.