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Cultivate Your Bohemian Chic Style With Chrome Hearts

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During the spring and summer months—and indeed for some fashion forward trendsetters all year long—Bohemian chic (also commonly referred to in fashion circles as boho-chic) tends to be the look of the moment. Fashion designers from Milan to Paris to London and New York City have concocted their own take on this age-old yet on-trend style throughout the ages time and time again that was originally made with artists, poets, and wanderers the world over, in mind.

Truth be told, the Chrome Hearts brand aesthetic tends to fit into this Bohemian sensibility. While Chrome Hearts certainly has a signature flair for rock and roll, Chrome Hearts clothing, for example, while Chrome Hearts necklaces, Chrome Hearts has an artistic vibe and Chrome Hearts bracelets and indeed, Chrome Hearts jewelry have a certain Bohemian nuance and cultivation.

Here are our Chrome Hearts style picks for the Bohemian in you to come alive and take the center stage of life as you were meant to do.

All of the below pieces of Chrome Hearts clothing, Chrome Hearts bracelets, and Chrome Hearts necklaces are available at any of our Chrome Hearts stores around the world as well as online.

Chrome Hearts Clothing For Your Bohemian Vibe

The Bohemian look is often all about layers, textures, and dimensions. That’s why we recommend this very artistic and poet-looking Black and Multicolor ‘Cross Cemetery’ Hoodie which also has a Gothic vibe. If you’re looking for more of a loud splash of color, then our Chrome Hearts X Matty Boy Space Blue Hoodie can also be a heavenly choice. These Chrome Hearts hoodie goodies can be layered with another piece of eclectic Chromes Hearts clothing: the Chromes Hearts Multi Logo Black T-Shirt is a relaxed fit, breathable tee which is right up the Bohemian alley. Pair this top with a flowing multicolor floor-length skirt and you’re all set.

Chrome Hearts Necklaces Are A Beautiful Bohemian Addition

Compliment your Bohemian aesthetic with this lovely and meaningful Chrome Hearts Small Cross Pendant. Adjust the length to suit the sartorial style you’re going for. Who says that your Bohemian vibe can’t have a touch of rock and roll charm? The Chrome Hearts Rolling Stones Guitar Pick Charm is the artistic and music-loving cha that will go with any Bohemian-inspired look. The Chrome Hearts Heart Locket Pendant is another Bohemian-style beauty you might want to add to your sultry Boho checklist. This is one of Chrome Hearts most rare pieces. Make it more meaningful by placing a photograph in the locket to keep with you at all times

Bohemian Style Chrome Hearts Bracelets For Your Pleasure

The Bohemian jewelry look is all about layers and stacking and we think that the Chrome Hearts Hearts Bracelet is a fabulous place to start for its intricate and detailed design. Pair with a pile of your favorite bracelets. Another Chrome Hearts store centerpiece can be the Chrome Hearts Multilink Bracelet which has the chunky and ultra-detailed quality that Bohemian fashion lovers love. The Chrome Hearts Baby Fat Bracelet is another clunky main ornamental piece of hardware that can work well with a range of your own stackable bracelet for a most unique look. This gorgeous piece also has a penchant for any Bohemian print dresses, tunics, and skirts galore.

Shop for these stunners at any of our Chrome Hearts stores worldwide or for your convenience, visit our Chrome Hearts online store as well where we have Chrome Hearts clothing, Chrome Hearts bracelets and Chrome Hearts necklaces (and more!) to suit your Bohemian style pleasure. We promise you’ll be on your very own Bohemian wavelength.