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Editor's Notes

The Butterfly Cross Cocktail Ring is one of the most lavish and extravagant rings by Chrome Hearts. It is a bold statement piece that tells people you set and live by your own rules.

Inspired by the cocktail rings of the prohibition era in the United States. The cocktail ring was originally designed for women to differentiate between engagement and wedding rings. In many ways, the cocktail ring was originally meant for ladies to show off their individuality and during special events. 

While traditional cocktail rings are usually adorned with large exotic gems. Chrome Hearts has chosen to use a single piece of elegant silver to complete their cocktail ring. 

The result can be witnessed by all who see it. It is a beautifully unique ring that not only captures the Chrome Hearts spirit, but also shows off the intricately made details of Chrome Hearts craftsmanship. 

We recommend this ring for both men and women. The cocktail ring is traditionally worn on the right hand on the ring finger. 

Product includes
  • Chrome Hearts Original Genuine Leather Pouch
  • Genuine Product Certificate 
  • Original Chrome World Box
  • Original Chrome World Silver Polishing Cloth

All Chrome Hearts silver rings are brand new and made from 925 sterling silver.

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