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Editor's Notes

Fluid sterling silver gently wrapped around your finger - this is an elegant yet bold piece of luxury jewelry. The 720 Half Cross Tail Ring is a stylistic departure from the more rectangular Chrome Hearts pieces, which can be a nice addition to your stack of archetypal pieces. Because it's design is fairly understated, it will complement your other rings beautifully.

The 720 Half Cross Tail Ring is a unique ring in the Chrome Hearts ring line up. At first glance, it is almost not recognizable as a Chrome Hearts ring. However, those who know Chrome Hearts well will be able to tell immediately. 

The motif of this ring is as if a cross was cut in half and elegantly bent around a finger, almost organically. 

This ring is recommended to Chrome Hearts patrons who want to add a different flair to their Chrome Hearts aesthetic while still showing off the central Chrome Hearts feeling.

Product includes
  • Chrome Hearts Original Genuine Leather Pouch
  • Genuine Product Certificate 
  • Original Chrome World Box
  • Original Chrome World Silver Polishing Cloth

All Chrome Hearts silver rings are brand new and made from 925 sterling silver.

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