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    About Us

    Chrome World, Japan, was founded in 1997, and is Japan's most trusted Chrome Hearts dealer. We also sell many other brands besides Chrome Hearts (see below). 

    Chrome World is a dealer of Chrome Hearts products, meaning we source our products directly from the official brand in California, USA, or from official authorized retailers, such as United Arrows Ltd. in Japan, but not from off-market retailers. This allows us to buy in bulk at more favorable rates, compared to if you bought from physical Chrome Hearts stores.

    We are NOT, however, an authorized retailer of Chrome Hearts (if you are interested in purchasing from authorized retailers, please visit -

    Over the past 23 years, we have opened over 20 physical stores in Japan. All our products are brand new and 100% authentic.

    Corporate Philosophy

    Independent self-prosperity

    Rather than relying on others, they stand and act with their own strength. By doing so, people around us will prosper together. In addition, I don't just want to be myself, but also take care of my surroundings and take action to create a synergistic effect, and everyone will prosper naturally.


    "Rise after predecessor" ... "Prosper if you leave righteousness first and leave righteousness." In other words, the teaching is that if you pursue profits before doing useful things in the world, your business will prosper and profits will be born and prosper. In business, pursuit of profit was not considered first, but always righteousness.