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The Best Chrome Hearts Presents To Give When You’re Not Ready To Say “I Do”

May 30, 2022 3 min read

We see it on Instagram, Facebook, and heck even on Twitter: “Some Personal News: I’m getting married!” This is certainly a wonderful social media piece of announcement for the people ready to take the marriage plunge but let’s not forget that there are many of us who are in fabulous relationships and we’re just not ready for that level of commitment, or alternatively, we don’t feel that marriage is mandatory in our own personal journey.


We think you can say “I love you” in a myriad of ways that don’t necessarily have to involve an engagement or wedding ring. We’ve rounded up some of the finest pieces from our Chrome Hearts collection that say “I’m crazy about you and I want to show it”.


Before we take the plunge into some of our favorite Chrome Hearts pieces, all of Chrome Hearts necklaces, Chrome Hearts bracelets, rings not to mention our Chrome Hearts clothing are all available at our online Chrome Hearts store as well as at our in-person locations around the world.


Chrome Hearts Rings That Say “I Love You” Instead Of “I Do”

The Chrome Hearts Classic Oval Ring is a stunning piece of silver jewelry that will rock any finger (it doesn’t have to be the third finger) of your ride or die devoted sweetheart. This baby can be worn night and day as a mainstay signature piece and goes with any type of clothing, whether it’s your favorite Chrome Hearts clothing, your lovable signature jeans, and the rest of it. We also adore our Chrome Hearts Eternity Vine Ring which is a beautiful way to say you’ll be together forever—with or without a marriage certificate. This one is also perfect for the birthday of your beloved or any anniversaries that you love to celebrate. These are available at any online Chrome Hearts store. 


Chrome Hearts Necklaces That Will Make Your Soulmate Throw Their Hands Around Your Neck

Chrome Hearts necklaces are a great way to show your feelings for your forever friend and our Double Chrome Hearts Plus Charm is a unique way to show how your delicate but strong love will always be nurtured and made ever more enduring. Similarly our Chrome Hearts Heart Locket Pendant is a most perfect Chrome Hearts necklace that your soulmate will hold dear and a piece of high quality jewelry that will stand the test of time. They can put a special photograph or special item such as a lock of hair inside. We also love the Oval Angel Medallion Charmas a way to tell your beloved that they are your angel and that your love is quite simply out of this world.


Chrome Hearts Bracelets That Will Fit Your Love Just Fine

A Chrome Hearts bracelet is a beautiful way for your love to have a piece of your love with them all the time. Bracelets—especially Chrome Hearts bracelets—are not as traditional and ceremonial as a ring, but that is what’s so wonderful about them. Our Tiny 6 Sided Star Chrome Hearts bracelet is a picture perfect way to show your love how much you care for them. If you want to go all out for your love and make a splash then may we suggest our 22K Gold Tiny E Chrome Hearts bracelet? This baby is one of our most beautiful and elegant pieces and we know that your beautiful love will love it.


Visit our online Chrome Hearts store for these and many other Chrome Hearts treasures including fan favorite pieces of Chrome Hearts clothing.