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How To Style A Formal Jumpsuit The Chrome Hearts Way

May 30, 2022 3 min read

Jumpsuits—originally a huge hit back in the 1970s—have jumped back into fashion in recent years and today they’re still going strong. Miranda Kerr, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Heidi Klum are just a handful of hot stars who have been seen warming up to the jumpsuit during the warm months.


The jumpsuit has become so popular that many women are opting to go with a dressy jumpsuit for a formal occasion or event in place of a fancy dress or gown. Jumpsuits made of a more casual material are also suitable for everyday wear. Jumpsuits are also very popular styles of choice for vacation and travel wear. But since jumpsuits are one piece outfits, it’s all the more important to break up the continuity with some choice accents.


It’s no secret that accessories—particularly when they’re Chrome Hearts bracelets, Chrome Hearts necklaces or any other Chrome Hearts pieces

—can make even a basic jumpsuit look spectacular. Read on for our Chrome Hearts recommendations that will make your jumpsuit a standout.


But just before we dive right in, Chrome Hearts jewelry is available at Chrome Hearts stores worldwide and online (not to mention a selection of fan favorite Chrome Hearts clothing).


Chrome Hearts Necklaces

For the jumpsuit that has a casual edge we think the Rolling Stones Guitar Pick Charm Chrome Hearts necklace is a perfect match. This signature everyday piece of hardware will dazzle up your jumpsuit as well as your streetwear. This beautiful piece has a casual but daring flair that will look sensational in any club or fun night out. As a side note, this particular charm also looks great with Chrome Heart clothing.


The BS Fleur Pendant is another Chrome Hearts necklace that can be worn with any formal or casual jumpsuit particularly if it has a V-neck. For a formal looking jumpsuit (perhaps with silk, satin or leather accents), our 22K Gold Dagger Pendant is certainly the Chrome Hearts necklace of choice. This stunner will offset your outfit in an outrageously gorgeous way and is an exceptionally popular piece at our Chrome Hearts stores.


Chrome Hearts Bracelets To Beautify Your Jumpsuit

For a bit of a rock and roll edge to your jumpsuit, our Baby Fat Ring Chrome Hearts Bracelet paints a pretty sexy picture. This eye-catching piece of eye candy will make a statement of any jumpsuit of your choosing—whether it’s casual or on the formal side. This Chrome Hearts bracelet can also translate to any Chrome Hearts clothing as well.

For a jumpsuit that is tailor made to wear at a wedding, then our stunning 22K Gold Tiny E Chrome Hearts Bracelet will make for a breathtaking sight (you might even take the emphasis off the bride, yikes!).


Jumpsuits On The Cuff

Just like the jumpsuit is a modern sartorial take on a top and pants or even a pantsuit, so too is a cuff a take on the traditional bracelet. The Chrome Hearts Skinny Spike Cuff is a most avant-garde and artistic accent to any architectural looking jumpsuit. Speaking of architecture, our geometric style Large Gem Stud Chrome Hearts Cuff will carry your jumpsuit to cloud nine and beyond. This statement piece of hardware is a jewelry lover’s dream and can be worn with any casual or formal wear as well as Chrome Hearts clothing.


Bonus style tip: the Chrome Hearts Plus Hair Clip is the perfect Chrome Hearts accessory for a jumpsuit with or without other Chrome Hearts jewelry. Wear with Chrome Hearts clothing or with your own favorite threads.


Shop our Chrome Hearts store for Chrome Hearts bracelets, Chrome Hearts necklaces and more either in store or online.